Rogue Legacy 2: Estuary Lamech boss guide

Estuary Lamech is Rogue Legacy 2’s first true challenge. He is the boss of the Citadel Agartha biome, and your introduction to the handful of Estuaries that you’ll have to defeat in your quest to unlock the Golden Doors. Lamech is far tougher and trickier than any of the Citadel’s other enemies and will require both practice and patience to beat. Thankfully, we’re here to speed up that process. We’ll walk you through how to beat this first boss with our Rogue Legacy 2 Estuary Lamech guide.

Rogue Legacy 2: Beating Estuary Lamech tips

Melee classes will do best exploiting the sometimes-lengthy windows between Lamech’s attacks. After the boss performs an attack, there is almost always a decent chunk of time before the next, allowing you to get in several quick blows and keep up the assault. You will always be able to attack quicker than Lamech can. Although his blows hit harder, attacking wherever possible and figuring out how to stay consistently up close will allow you to close the gap.

If you are playing as a ranger, making use of the Ivy Canopy skill is key to whittling down Estuary Lamech. Placing the platform in the upper corners of the room will keep you out of reach of many of the boss’ basic attacks, and the spore burst status ailment will aid in depleting his considerable health pool. Just be careful, staying on the platform for too long can leave you wide open for some of Lamech’s moves like the aerial spin and magma projectiles. Switching between dodging on the ground and setting up the canopy will serve you well as you wear the boss down.

Mages may initially struggle against Lamech in Rogue Legacy 2, as his attacks will deal significant percentages of their health in no time, making survivability an issue. The main advantage mages have against this estuary however is positioning. Many of Lamech’s projectile attacks are easily readable or otherwise fall in set, predictable patterns. Being able to position yourself in a guaranteed safe spot while continuously using your own wand and spells will soon make depleting Lamech’s health a breeze. Additionally, keeping a space between yourself and the boss as you attack grants you additional time to get out of the way of his melee attacks.

Estuary Lamech Boss Mechanics

Hidden Secrets, Hidden Chambers

If you are still struggling to crack this boss, you’ll be happy to learn that there is a way to make Estuary Lamech a little bit more bearable. If you’re willing to put in the time to explore Citadel Agartha and unlock its secrets, then you’ll be able to discover an edge against this boss.

Pursuing the Hidden Secrets, Hidden Chambers insight in Citadel Agartha will grant you access to  Lamech’s hidden sanctum. Here, you will not only discover more of Lamech’s role in Rogue Legacy 2’s world, but you will also receive a 15% damage boost against the boss in every run going forward! 15% extra damage on everything you do against Lamech is substantial, and will no doubt help you in shepherding this foe to the grave once and for all.

That does it for our Rogue Legacy 2 boss guide. For more Rogue Legacy 2 content, including guides to other bosses, classes, relics, and biomes, be sure to check out our Rogue Legacy 2 hub!