The Best Keyboard For XBOX One In 2021 (Budget, High-end, Wireless)

With every peripheral purchase – whether its a mouse, keyboard, or headset – choosing the right one for your specific needs can be a difficult process – especially if you aren’t familiar with the technology.

For that reason, we’ve decided to lay out the most important factors to consider when looking to purchase a keyboard for XBOX One. Not only will these ensure that your next purchase is right for you, but they might also save you a few dollars as well.

With that in mind, let’s get into it!


As a gamer, one of the first things you should consider before jumping into a keyboard purchase is the switches. Switches play a major role in a keyboard’s performance, with different switch types offering a variety of responses, accuracy, and audio outputs.

The keyboard’s switch is found underneath the keycap and is usually one of two types; mechanical or rubber dome membrane. The switch is the mechanism that sends a signal from the keyboard to the PC, letting the latter know which key has been pressed. That being said, you can start to understand why gamers look for the highest quality switches when they purchase a keyboard.

The difference between membrane and mechanical is night and day. Membrane offers a quieter, less responsive experience that is great for office typers on a budget. On the flip side, mechanical switches offer a much more tactile feel, greater audible output, and a whole plethora of other features too.

See the below image for a more detailed description of the two switch technologies:

Mechanical Switch vs Membrane Switch scaled 1

If you’re a gamer who plays competitive titles, you should really be looking for a mechanical keyboard that fits into your budget. It will offer much better gaming performance, alongside a ton of other features too.

Form factor

Form factor is pretty much what it says on the tin. Having said that, it’s still an extremely important factor to consider when purchasing a keyboard for XBOX  One.

When we talk about a keyboard’s form factor, we are referencing its physical size. So, as you can imagine, a smaller form keyboard won’t have nearly as many keys as say, an extended keyboard – you dig?

Below are the main form factors found in today’s market:

The most well-known and generic form factor is full-size, offering a full set of keys including number pad and function keys across the top. More often than not, full-size keyboards also come equipped with media keys and sometimes macro keys.

TKL keyboards are next and offer all the functionality of a full-size keyboard without the number pad.

Moving to 60% and you start to see some major differences appear. We lose the number pad and most of the function keys at this form factor. While that might not be a huge issue for a lot of gamers, it certainly won’t be ideal for everyone’s needs.

Lastly, we have extended full-size. This the largest keyboard form factor, usually offering a whole bunch of additional keys for certain game genres such as MOBA and MMO titles. While this form factor does offer the most versatility, it is often deemed far too large for most people’s needs.

Extra Features

Extra features are usually what separate the top tier keyboards – especially two that are so evenly priced. When comparing two keyboards of similar prices, you’ll usually find the build quality and functionality are pretty similar.

Having said that, to try and secure your cash, keyboard manufacturers will install any number of additional features in their boards, features which include; anti-ghosting and Key rollover, media keys, macro keys, on-board profiles, and RGB. The list actually goes on, but you get what I mean.

Finding the perfect balance between features and physical performance is the key to finding a keyboard that best suits your needs.

Build Quality

Lastly, we have build quality. Build quality is a hugely important thing to consider in any peripheral purchase, mainly because no one wants to be splashing out $100 a new keyboard every six months. Unfortunately, that could very well be your reality if you get suckered into buying a keyboard with poor build quality.

Thankfully, every keyboard we’ve selected has been chosen based on a number of different factors – one of which is build quality.