Today's Wordle May 11 hints, clues and answer

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Have you found yourself here in search of the Wordle answer for May 12, 2022? If so, check out our hints for Wordle 327 right here. If you’re interested in what the answer was for May 11, then by all means, read on!

Today’s Wordle answer for May 11, 2022, kind of sums up the last two Wordle puzzles in a nutshell. But you’ll have to complete it first to know what I mean. And if you’re struggling, which you might be today, we’re here to help again.

Today’s answer is another of those old classics which, depending on the letters you find or eliminate, could offer more solutions that guesses, so you’ll want to be both clever and lucky today. So, let’s get on with it, read on for your hints and tips for Wordle, May 11, 2022.

Wordle hints May 11 2022

General Wordle hints

More specific hints for today’s Wordle answer

Wordle answer, May 11, 2022

So, once again, here’s your spoiler warning before we reveal today’s answer. Hopefully, the clues above have given you a leg up on puzzle, and have helped you get the answer in six. If you’re nearing your last guess, though, and still don’t have a clue… read on for today’s Wordle answer for May 11, 2022.

Today’s Wordle answer is… FARCE. Originally a noun referring to a slapstick comedy performance, farce is often now used to describe something that’s just a bit of a joke. And what with the last two Wordle answers being removed due for being a little tone deaf (we are aware that’s not really anyone’s fault, the word-list was curated a while ago), it’s another pretty coincidental word for today.

Come back again tomorrow for more Wordle hints and tips, as we’re officially back in the Wordle game – sorry if you missed us while we were gone. We’ve also refreshed our Wordle hints and tips page, so check that out for more general, day-to-day Wordle strategies.

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