Razer launches Stormtrooper Xbox controller for Star Wars day

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May the 4th is a pretty big deal for folks who are into Star Wars, with a plethora of new products, trailers and announcements being made about the iconic sci-fi franchise. Noblechairs announced a Boba Fett gaming chair, we got a cool new Obi-Wan trailer that looks better than it has any real right to be, and Razer has also entered into the ring with an announcement of their own.

The Singaporean company has announced a Stormtrooper Xbox controller. It’s a pretty curious choice, as Stormtroopers have famously had some pretty horrific aiming skills, which is the opposite of what you might want for a gaming controller. But, the limited-edition Razer Stormtrooper Xbox controller looks to do the job just fine, aping the normal Xbox Series controller with an iconic black and white twist.

Like Razer’s previous Star Wars-inspired controllers, the limited-edition Stormtrooper Xbox controller comes with a matching charging stand. Our poor Stormtrooper appears to have seen some action, with a bit of light weathering on the design itself which makes it look a bit more rugged than a simple black and white colorway might have done. It also looks a bit like the Stormtrooper has massive nostrils thanks to the D-pad and right stick if you squint hard enough, so there’s also that.

The included charging stand has an ‘Imperial Stormtrooper’ emblem on the bottom, with some fancy panel-lining, to boot. Just in case you forgot what a Stormtrooper actually was. Razer are no strangers to making these controllers, however, and it’s the fourth in their line of Star Wars Xbox controllers, so for any collectors out there, you might want to pay close attention to where you might be able to get one of these when they’re listed on retailer websites.

Razer Stormtrooper Xbox controller price

No official price has been confirmed, but if we take a look at their previous Star Wars controllers we can be fairly sure that it will retail for around $199 at launch. This is quite dear for a controller, but it has some premium features and an included charging stand, in addition to the commitment to quality that Razer is known for. While we’ve gone through significant Jedi training, it doesn’t really work via email so telling the PR that ‘This controller is free and you want to send us 1000’ while ominously waving our hands in a bathrobe didn’t work, so I guess we’ll just have to pay up. We’ll reserve our judgment on the price for when we’ve tested one in our own hands (if they don’t get lopped off by an old man with a lightsaber in a cantina).

Razer Stormtrooper Xbox controller specs

Peripheral companies have been looking at the DualSense controller with some envy and have sought to replicate its unique features and Razer is no exception. This controller shows off pressure-sensitive vibrating triggers, in addition to a handful of other handy features.

Razer Stormtrooper Xbox controller release date

No release date has been confirmed yet by Razer, however, we are confident that you won’t be waiting too long as the Stormtrooper controller will be highly sought-after by fans. We just hope that it’s a worldwide release and that we’re not going to have to go out and look for a bounty hunter to travel the galaxy to get one. If you’re in the market for this, or any of the other Razer Star Wars controllers, here are a few links for your convenience:

May the fourth be with you.

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