Rainbow Six Extraction Update 1.05 Adds New Protean ‘Vigil’

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A new update is available for Rainbow Six Extraction featuring a brand new Protean ‘Vigil’ and a new prestige system that is now available to all players. With ten extra levels available for each operator, Ubisoft is separating them from milestone levels so that players can reach their respective milestones without worrying about the extra levels. The update also addresses some common bugs that have been present in recent updates.

Vigil Joins as the Newest Protean

If you are new to Rainbow Six Extraction, you may have to venture to a place called, The Singularity. It is an area whose location is unknown, where you are likely to come across the most threatening Arcaeans in our database. Proteans are motile Arcaean variants that have adopted the form of REACT Operators and sometimes have the ability to mimic Operator behavior. Vigil is the newest Protean that has been added to the game as part of the new update.

New Prestige Levels Added for New Rewards

There are ten new levels for each operator which will be kept separate from existing milestone levels that are present in the game. The new prestige levels will be displayed in the UI and allow you to unlock unique permanent rewards, such as icons, headgears, and uniforms. More prestige levels may be added in the future to unlock even more cosmetics.

HDR Fixes Are Finally Here

HDR, or high-dynamic range, can elevate the image of your TV to an entirely new level. It is a feature that was added to Rainbow Six Extraction but it automatically turned itself on even if you did not want to use it. Ubisoft has finally fixed the HDR getting automatically enabled, even if the player disabled it in-game or in the operating system. The HDR and FPS Limits no longer reset when launching the game either, which is a relief for players struggling with the issue.

Rainbow Six Extraction also has a number of balance changes with Zofia, Ela, Capitao, Nomad, Smoke, Tachanka, Doc, Finka, and Jager receiving balance changes. Explosions from Nomad’s Airjab can now better destroy open fuel pods and fuel cells during the MIA rescue objective.

If you want to check out all of the balance changes in the new update, you can check out the official patch notes here. If you are not sure which operators you should pick, you can check out our operator tier list to find out what the meta is like.

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