Phanteks announces all-white AMP 1000W power supply

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Phanteks has just announced an all-white AMP 1000W power supply. So if you’re looking for your next whiteout build then you may want to consider the new AMP. From what we see, it’s the company’s first white power supply to enhance its selection of modular AMP PSU. And it will cost you $159.99/€159.90 to get one.

With the release of the RTX 3090 Ti, there was a significant increase in TDP for graphics cards. It has a spec of 450W and so suggests an 850W power supply. However, the next generation of graphics cards, either the RTX 40 series or the RX 7000 series may need more power. So all of us may be looking for even more power from our supplies. That said it’s surprising Phanteks hasn’t added the new PCIe gen 5 power connector into this PSU aimed at next-gen cards.

Phanteks AMP 1000W power supply specifications

As well as being 1000W the power supply is also 80 PLUS Gold Certified, to help with the efficiency of converting the power. It’s also a 140mm housing for compact design, with modular flat white cables to make installation easy and clean. Along with a Hybrid Silent Fan control for better temp-controlled fan speeds and silent performance. The series is also Revolt Pro-Link certified for compatibility, reliability, and stability to work with its Revolt Pro expandable PSU. Which would further increase the power output. All of which are covered by a 10-year warranty.

Hopefully, the updated power supply should give you enough power for the high-end selections. Although with the growing power usage it might become the standard rating for even the mid-range.