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TFT patch 12.9 has arrived, and Mortdoggo has provided us with a brand new feature, the TFT Treasure Dragon Eggs. The new TFT Treasure Dragon Eggs give us players a hint of what to expect in Dragonlands, and some added goodies to see the season out. Here is everything you need to know about the new Treasure Dragon Eggs.

What are TFT Treasure Dragon Eggs?

The TFT Treasure Dragon Eggs is a new feature that launched with 12.9. It is the new fun feature that all players get in at the start of a TFT game. The egg can be hatched, offering players a Tome of Traits, some components and other goodies. However, the amount you get depends on the egg’s size. You can get different sized eggs at the start of the game, with the time till the hatch indicating the size of the egg. Per our own playtesting, the smallest egg hatches in three turns, while the egg that hatches two components takes eight turns to hatch. The bigger the egg, the longer it takes to hatch.

In total there are five different eggs to be exact. The smaller eggs tend to reward a Tome of Traits, with the biggest eggs dropping a Tome, 2 Radiant Items, 1 Remover and 2 Reforgers. To hatch the egg, you simply need to wait for the gree counter out. Each egg has a number hovering above it. Once that counter reaches zero, it hatches and gives you appropriate rewards.

While there is some level of predictability, per the egg, the items are completely random. You could get a BF Sword and Crit Gloves or a Chain Vest and Null Magic. Or you could find yourself a Mananmune, or get a Black Cleaver as your Radiant items, for example. There have even been instances of players getting 90 gold of value through golden egg hatches via the Hexcore Augments.

TFT Treasure Dragon Egg Tips

TFT Treasure Dragon Eggs work very much like the Mercenary bonus, which gives you rewards but takes a slot upon your backbench.  It sadly means that any reroll comps you are playing have a little less strength, as you can get eggs hoarding your bench at any given time. If you’re doing a Syndicate Ashe or Deb Talon comp reroll, keep this in mind. It can also make Yordle comps a little fiddly, as the three Yordle bonus are ideal for early comp to ramp Arcanist and Twinshot comps.

However, getting a Tome makes building comps much easier. It is great for those looking for some early bonuses for a Chemtech / Challengers comp, and Arcanists on their Lulu. Get ready to experiment as comps will ramp much quicker, especially if you et the Radiant items quite early. Thanks to the new eggs, Innovator comps generally seem really good right now, especially thanks to the recent buffs. in the 12.9 patch notes.

Good luck out there with the new TFT patch and may you get the elo you desire in set 6.5.

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