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Yashiori Island is one of the six islands of Inazuma in Genshin Impact. When you first arrive on Yashiori Island’s shores, you’ll instantly notice the heavy downpour and lightning that strikes the ground. Thankfully, you’ll be pleased to know that you can actually clear the storms on Yashiori Island, making it a much more pleasant place to explore.

How to clear the storm on Yashiori Island

To dispel the storm on Yashiori Island, you’ll have to complete a series of World Quests titled ‘Orobashi’s Legacy.’ To begin the quest, simply talk to Kaji near Fort Fujitou. You’ll have to brave the storm to get to him, though.

Once you have spoken to Kaji, you’ll be prompted to go to three different shrines on the island. Each shrine is missing two components, which you’ll be able to find by using your Elemental Sight. However, you’ll find that one of the components for each shrine is covered by a large dome made of water, which you can dispel by completing a puzzle using the nearby electro mechanisms.

In each area, you’ll find one Sacred Stone Mound and several Thunderbearer Mirrors. By hitting the Sacred Stone Mounds, you can send out an electric current in the direction it is facing. You can also interact with the Sacred Stone Mounds and Thunderbearer Mirrors to change the direction they face. The idea here is to transport the electric current from the Sacred Stone Mound, using the Thunderbearer Mirrors to bounce the current towards the water dome. 

When you get the electric current to collide with the watery dome, it will dissipate. All that’s left for you to do is collect the component and submit it to the Narukami Pillar, which will clear the storm in that particular area of the island. You’ll have to complete 4 of these puzzles in total during the Orobashi’s Legacy quest series.

How to manage Balethunder

You’ll come across areas infested with Balethunder during your travels on Yashiori Island. In particular, you’ll encounter it in Musoujin Gorge. Balethunder is a status effect which will gradually drain your active character’s HP while they are in an area with a high Electro concentration. To avoid taking damage from Balethunder, summon an Electrogana from the nearby Thunder Sakura Boughs. The Electogana will protect you for as long as it persists, after which you’ll have to replenish it, or else you will start taking damage again.

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